About Me

Hello. I’m Raya. I’ve been an avid reader since my childhood. But I think I fell in love with literature since I got my hands on Harry Potter when I was 12. Now, I’m in my mid-twenties and have decided to start blogging about my reading.

My favorite genres for reading are usually contemporary books, mostly NA and YA.

I hope to create a space where I can rediscover my love for writing and also share my feelings about the books I Read.

About My Ratings:

★★★★★: I loved everything about the book.

★★★★☆: There are smalls things that I would like to be changed about the book and yet would definitely reread this in the future.

★★★☆☆: I liked the book but would not reread it.

★★☆☆☆: I disliked the book due to reasons that can be badly executed plot, flat writing, unlikable characters,  visible editing and grammatical errors, etc.

★☆☆☆☆: I liked nothing about the book. (Thankfully,  I rarely rate books with one-star).

Disclaimer: My ratings can change upon rereading.


About My Reviews;

The only thing that’s set in stone about my reviews is that they tend to be on the descriptive side. I’m still new to regularly reviewing so it’s natural that my reviewing style would change with time.

I also post my reviews in Goodreads aside from this blog.
I am welcome to receiving ARCs. You can contact me via email (rayasreads@gmail.com) or through Netgalley for sending digital versions. If you are interested to send me physical copies, do knock me for my personal address.