TOP TEN TUESDAY : Characters That Gave Me the Creeps

Hello all! Doing a TTT after a long time and it’s a Halloween freebie! I’ve decided to list characters who I found creepy. Brace yourselves

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted over at That Artsy Reader Girl.

Fenrir Greyback | Harry Potter : No better book to start a halloween list with than Harry Potter. Is there anyone who didn’t find this werewolf creepy?


Gollum | Lord of the Rings : Gollum gives the word ‘creepy’ a new meaning. It also helps that his film version was equally if not more scary. I doubt the new version will be able to beat that.


Hannibal Lecter | Silence of the lambs : Umm, he is a cannibal. And I watched the movie before reading the book. Plus, I watched the movie first and the outstanding Anthony Hopkins came to my mind whenever Hannibal appeared on the pages. Made the read ten times scarier.


Minya | Strange the Dreamer Duet : The tiny childlike woman who can control ghosts? This is one fascinating creation by my favorite author.


Coraline’s Other Mother | Coraline : I don’t remember her name. But I can still can feel the creeps she gave me. But I gotta say, this was one of the cases where I loved the movie more than the book.


Thiago | Daughter of Smoke and Bones : Man, whenever this character appeared on the pages, the creepiness factor also rose up. I could totally relate to Karou.


Pride | Fullmetal Alchemist : Although I found Father to be the scariest villain, Pride for me took the cake with his creepiness factor beneath the innocent child exterior.

Jack Randall | Outlander : I absolutely hated the guy from the very first page he appeared. His attitude towards women only made me wish the worst for him. A true lecher.

Mrs. Danvers | Rebecca : An iconic villain. She gave me the creeps in so many scenes.


Lord Voldemort| Harry Potter: A list of creepy characters with no Lord Voldemort in it? Impossible.

Image result for lord voldemort gif


17 thoughts on “TOP TEN TUESDAY : Characters That Gave Me the Creeps

  1. Omg these gifs! Gollum’s gif sufficiently creeped me out 😅I wasn’t expecting to see his face! Haha I totally agree with most of these (for the ones I’ve seen/read)! Coraline’s mother was soooo creepy. Great take on today’s freebie!

    My TTT post

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