It’s all in the chemistry…

Sisters Sarah and Molly are close, but they couldn’t be more different. Sarah runs a craft business and is obsessed with all things shiny and glam, whilst Molly is much more at home in her white coat and goggles, working in a science lab.

When Molly is put onto a new assignment, she’s over the moon. It’s a high-profile, top secret project – and she has a handsome new boss to ogle at when she’s not bending over a petri dish…

But when Sarah finds herself on the painful end of a disastrous break-up, no amount of Ben & Jerry’s or trashy rom-coms can cheer her up. She wants to take a more drastic approach to dealing with her heartbreak, and one that only her sister – and perhaps a sprinkle of science – can help with . . .

Will Sarah find love where she least expects it, or is it really all in the chemistry?

reviewI never rule out a book just because of the morality of the characters. Even if I don’t agree with their decisions, as long as I can understand where they’re coming from, I can bear with the questionable morality. But that never happened in this book. Not only the way the author plays with morality and ethics in this story is hugely problematic; But I also could not make sense of any of their actions.

Take Molly for example. She’s a scientist working on an important project which has to stay confidential. It’s top-secret. And she discloses it to her sister Sarah without any qualms. That was the first strike for me.

The second strike was Sarah using the secret project to get back her ex. Here’s where the morality of the characters come into question. I was confounded by the utter disregard of the characters for all the ethical aspects of this action and ignorance of a concept as important as consent.

Look, if you want to sell a story about characters doing questionable things, at least take some time to justify their actions. But no, for the life of me, I couldn’t understand what was so special about Sarah’s ex that drove her so crazy in love. All the love interests were unimpressive. And where was the hell was the romance that the synopsis promises? The focus was on all the wrong things. I would’ve at least liked the bonding between the sisters, if not for my irritation at the two of them and their absurd stupidity.

This was just a very problematic story with little to offer.



Publication Date: 15th August, 2019.
Source: ARC from Publisher (via Netgalley)

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