Happy Tuesday, everyone! I’m doing Top Ten Tuesday after a few weeks. Hope to not skip it again for a whole. Fingers Crossed. The topic for this week is ‘Cover redesigns I hated or loved.’

But the thing with me is I don’t really remember which design came first or later for a few of the books I discuss below. Anyways, I simply compare the book covers and the one on the right is the one I prefer.



Ember in the Ashes: Now, the first cover isn’t bad by any definition. But just compare it to the one on the right. That cover is simply stunning!



Vicious: I think the first cover has this 90s vibe to it. Whereas the neat and contemporary design of the second cover, in my opinion, perfectly goes with the story of Vicious.



Daughter of Smoke & Bone: The first cover is just too generic. On the other hand, look at that second cover. It is so detailed and mysterious! And this image depicts perhaps the most momentous part of the book.


The City of Brass: The intricate detailing and design of the second cover definitely tops the less impressive cover in the first one.


The Night Circus: Now, this is a tough one. While I don’t find either of the covers too stunning or too unimpressive, I think I like the second one more. Having said that, I’d prefer a different font and title design.



Throne of Glass: That first cover just doesn’t have anything to draw you. That second on the other hand depicts a badass heroine who you definitely would wanna read a book and a series about.

While we’re at it, will we ever have redesigned covers of The Court of Roses and Thorns Series? Please?



Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine: While I like the understated and graceful vibes that the first cover gives, I like the second one even more, because it’s unique and actually has a connection to the story itself.



Making Faces: The first cover simply doesn’t do justice to the compelling and beautiful story of the book. Compare it to the second one. There just is something undeniably hypnotic about the picture.



The Piper’s Son: The Piper’s Son is such an underrated book and I blame the first cover for it. The first cover gives a totally wrong idea about the book. And I fell for it. The second cover, while not mind-blowing, is more accurate for the book.



The Start of Me and You: What the hell is that first cover? I know that it’s beautiful and scenic. But it’s also generic and in no way has any resemblance to the two amazing main characters or the story itself. I like both the second and third cover but the third one is more relevant to the story, even though the colors in the second one makes you want to own it!