Hello peeps! I hope everyone’s doing okay. Our region just got struck by a cyclone last night. It’s called Fani. Thankfully, my country didn’t get the worst of it. But India’s Odissa region had to suffer the most. Do keep the victims of this disaster in your prayer!

Anyways, it has been drizzling and breezy all day long in my city. The perfect weather for getting warm and cozy with a book and a blanket, right?

So, I just started this QOTW thing last week. This is my second array into it! Fingers crossed! I just read this powerful book that had quite an impact on me. I’ll post the review pretty soon. I loved it so much that I’m featuring two quotes from the book here!

“I’m not going to let your prejudice, your outrage, or fake kindness,
either, change one bit of me, of how I look, of who I am. Your resistance to my
existence is futile, okay?”

“One of the reasons Ayaan said she loves being Muslim is because it makes her feel
like a natural feminist. “Like, hello? Our queen Khadija didn’t wait for the man (Prophet Muhammad) she
had her eye on to ask her, to get on his knees. Nope. Instead, she said, I like you, oh
employee of mine. Will you marry me? And then, after they hitched, she just kept her
job as his boss. Mad respect.”


I chose the first quote because of the raw honesty and fearlessness in these two lines! It is bold and poignant at the same time.

I chose the second quote for an entirely different reason. See, I like to think of myself as a feminist. But it’s like the narrative of the Western world dictates that I can’t be a feminist AND a Muslim at the same time. And I just can’t accept that!

Khadija, the first wife of Prophet Muhammad is the first example that I always think of when talk of feminism in Islam comes. So, when I read this quote, I went “Exactly!”. There are other numerous such examples I know of, if you’re interested.

I hope this did not come off too preachy! I just feel very deeply about this issue. And these quotes really spoke to me!


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