The lovely Tales of a Bookworm tagged me to list some of my favorite music. Also, please make sure to send some love her way, she is ill and has been feeling blue!

Here’s to hoping that she recovers soon!

Also, asking me to name my favorite music is like asking me about my favorite book. I have so many of them that it’s tough to narrow them down to a few. So I’ll just tell you guys about some of the songs I’ve been religiously listening to recently. I guess they reflect the sort of mood I’ve been in myself.

Damien Rice – It takes a lot to know a man


Cigarettes After Sex – Apocalypse


Ray LaMontagne – Empty

Joni Mitchell – A case of you

Leonard Cohen – A thousand Kisses Deep

I’m not gonna tag anyone. But I’d really like to learn about the songs you’ve been recently enjoying? Make sure to hit in the comments below!