You should know that I’m pretty indiscriminate about the books and genres I read. But there are genres even I’m on the fence about. Incest, for example. Nobody can ever convince me to read that. Reverse Harem was also in that group. I find that idea so icky.

I got to know about the genre of Reverse Harem first when I saw a lot of people on my Goodreads rave about the series Curse of the Goddess. I was not intrigued. Slightly disturbed? Yes.

So when a friend whose recommendations I trust in told me to read this series, I was not on board. But she said something that intrigued me – This series is not an erotica. There isn’t even one sex scene in the first book. It focuses mostly on its paranormal plot. I was on a book slump and I’ve read my share of screwed up books. Why not add to it? So I read the first one. I ended up reading all 4 of the books released. This is supposed to be a 6-book series and I’m now waiting for the last 2.

The first book was wacky and weird as hell. And the weirdness was what kept me hooked. This is a world of alphas, vampires, ghosts, werewolves, van helsings, gypsys. Our heroine has no idea what’s in store for her when she moves to a town where her mother died and left a voicemail right before she was killed to take over her business in the town. Both of them are gypsy who make potions and spells. Also, there’s a cult who wants to kill these gypsy.

Violet, the heroine is oblivious because she was taught all her life to not admit to her identity as a gypsy. Little does she know, her mother got her to move to a town where there are 4 alphas who know she’s a gypsy the moment they lay their eyes on. 4 alphas who hate each other and were once deceived to love the same woman and get cursed to immortality as a result.

Violet is as clueless as the readers at the beginning, but she has her own secrets about her identity. As we go ahead, the mystery is slowly unraveled, and she keeps surprising the 4 guys and the readers.

Sounds confusing, right? That’s because the plot really is confusing. Especially at the beginning. The author takes some time to build the world and the plot. So I won’t even attempt at going into details about the story.

I’ll just list out the things I liked about this book –

  • Violet – The most fascinating female protagonist I’ve come across in the recent times. She’s sweet and badass at the same time. She’s a monster with a great heart.
  • Lots and lots of sexual tension with very little sex scenes. In fact, I can probably count the number of explicit sex scenes in the series in one hand.
  • The 4 guys. They all have their own traits and quirks. They’re flawed as hell. They also drive me insane with their lack of tack more often than not! I love it when Violet puts them all in their places when they least expect it.
  • Violet never lets these guys get away with treating her anything less than the respect she deserves.
  • This is probably the most hilarious series I’ve read in a long time. I laughed out loud at so many points of the books!
  • The pot and pacing is amazing. The romance never overshadows the actual plot and I really liked that. The balance of horror, drama, romance and humor is great!
  • The plot only gets thicker with every book and Violet even more awesome. I just can’t stop raving about her!
  • Did I mention how much I love Violet?
  • Violet actually says this to the one of the guys at one point – “Fix your fucking selves! I’m sure as hell not asking any of you to fix me!
  • She also says this – “I feel like the conduit for your feelings for them because you have heterosexual body parts with a homosexual mentality. I’m not sure I’m okay with simply being a conduit”

Gypsy Blood: ★★★★☆
Gypsy Freak: ★★★★★
Gypsy Origins: ★★★★★
Gypsy Moon: ★★★★☆

Verdict :

I honestly don’t see myself reading more Reverse Harem, because that’s not what drew me in about this series. It’s the characters, plot, creativity and humor of this series that’s got me hooked. It’s the most addictive (and weirdest) series I’ve read in a while.