ARC Review: Do You Feel It Too? by Nicola Rendell

*I’d like to thank the publisher for providing an ARC of the book via Netgalley for my honest review.*

A hot summer night is perfect for feeling your way in the dark…

For urban-legend hunter and television host Gabe Powers, it’s business—investigate the most notorious haunted places in Savannah. Then he meets his new sound engineer, a dewy Georgia peach who may just turn this gig into (im)pure pleasure. All it takes is one night for them to conjure floor-rattling, wall-banging moans…but they’re not from the ghosts.

Blame the rippling abs, the cocky swagger, the granite jawline, the whole muscle-bulging package, but Gabe is bringing out good-girl Lily Jameson’s dirty side. Damn her code-of-conduct contract—this isn’t just a molten-hot fling.

There’s just one kink in the relationship they’ve been avoiding: soon they’ll be going their separate ways. Lily’s home is in Savannah, and Gabe is a globe-trotter at heart. For them to be together, they’ll both have to upend their so-very-different worlds and face their fears in the process. And suddenly things don’t feel so Georgia peachy keen at all.

It was instant attraction for Gabe and Lily. In fact, we begin the book with Gabe noticing Lily at a festival in Savannah. He plans to accidentally come across her and make it a meet-cute with her. What ends up happening is not what he planned but it sure is meet-cute. What follows is a lot of sexual tension and a couple of steamy encounters, and before you know it, they’re in love.

Things I liked:

The juxtaposition of the wanderer hero and grounded heroine. That made for an interesting conflict.

Having Savannah as the setting provided a mystic vibe to the book. The possibility of a ghostly encounter at any moment was thrilling. There was also some comic-relief and sub-plots that didn’t really catch my interest.

I loved Gabe and Lily both as individuals and a couple. Neither of them were repressed emotionally. They were open about their feelings most of the time. Especially Gabe who was a swoon-worthy alpha guy. He was relentless and unapologetic in pursuing Lily, and respectful at the same time.

Things I did not like:

Insta-love. Not my thing. And Gabe and Lily fall in love pretty fast. Too fast!

I like it when the main characters are willing to go to any extent to make their relationship work. And I could buy Gabe – the forty year old bachelor – willing to give it his all to make things work with Lily. I could accept that they had chemistry and he didn’t want to nip it in the bud. And oh boy, did they have chemistry!

But my problem was with the “love”. Having chemistry with someone and willing to make it work is one thing. But falling in love within a couple of days of meeting each other and taking major life decisions based on that? I guess I’m too cynical to buy it. And Gabe was willing to give up a huge part of what made him who he was for Lily. I could see why Lily would be hesitant.

I also wasn’t a fan of the sub-plots and comic moments. But Gabe and Lily were adorable enough for these things to not have mattered as much, I guess.

Don’t mind me. You’re gonna love this book if you don’t mind insta-love and steamy scenes.

My Rating: ★★★☆☆

Publication Date: 20th November, 2018.
Source: ARC from Publisher (via Netgalley)
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