Book Review: The Simple Wild By K. A. Tucker

There are real physical characters in a book. And then there are settings and places that take form of a physical character themselves. Same was the case for The Simple Wild. The town of Bangor, Alaska became a character in itself.

When I read the book, I could exactly envision the Alaska the author described. It’s always frustrating for me to not be able to envision the settings when I’m reading a book. But, K. A. Tucker was a master in detailing the settings which were not paragraphs upon paragraphs of prose but still enough for the readers to visualize the places.

Calla’s father is a bush pilot in the wild of Alaska, a dangerous job. Her mother married him and out of love moved to the middle of nowhere. But she feels stifled and suffocated there and not long after, decides to move back to Canada., hoping her husband will follow. But Wren’s life is in Alaska. He’s also a closed book and inexpressive. So, despite the love between these two, they are separate.

Calla is now 26 and hasn’t met her father once since her mother left with her when she was just 2. She gets a call that her father is sick right after she gets fired. So she jets off to the wild. With her 2 large suitcases and even larger prejudices. She’s in for big surprises.

I liked Calla’s growth and evolution throughout the book. She starts off as an entitled brat. But slowly and surely, she starts to loosen up and be comfortable in her skin, literally.

Jonah, the main pilot of Wren’s company has a big hand towards that. He’s a bearded “yeti” when we first meet him. And he’s exactly what Calla seems to need to open up to her dad.

Jonah and Calla’s chemistry was off the charts. I loved their interactions and banter.

I also loved Calla’s interactions with her family, especially her step dad and Wren.

The only complaint I had from this book was the culmination of Jonah and Calla’s romance. I was hoping for more from Jonah before that last scene. But that’s nothing compared to how much I enjoyed the book.

My Rating: ★★★★★

Book Review: Not So Nice Guy by R S Grey

Okay. I like a nice rom-com book like any other person. I mean, what’s life without a little fluff? But too much of anything is not to my liking either.

Not So Nice Guy was a like a candy that I enjoy while eating but forget about it the moment after.

Ian and Sam are colleagues and best friends who know everything each other. There was attraction from the first meeting but the timing was wrong because of them never being single at the same time, for a long time. Then there were misunderstandings that each of them were not the other’s type. I found that to be very relatable and was sold on that.

But the instance that forces Ian to decide to act on his feelings felt like a cop-out to me. And the way they went ahead with it felt too ………mundane? I wished for more from their courting phase. But it was still entertaining. Until a mistake by Sam makes Ian decide on an entirely preposterous solution. It took me some time to get over how ridiculous that plot point was.

I still enjoyed the book. A lot. The one liners were funny. And I liked Sam a lot. She’s a bit like me. Clumsy, awkward, lazy, anti-change. I loved her quirks. And I could see how anyone would fall for her. But again, some of her antics felt over the top to me.

Ian was great too. A nice dependable guy. But, a tad bit boring, might I say?

I’m a big fan of friends-to-lovers trope but I need more of a proper plot for me to be engaged, you know?

Anyways, I liked the book. It was funny. Made me laugh. But am I gonna read this again? I don’t think so.

My rating: ★★★☆☆

Book Review: Transcend (Transcend Duet #1) by Jewel E. Ann

“In another life, she was my forever.”

An unexpected tragedy leaves Professor Nathaniel Hunt a widower alone with a newborn baby.

He hires a nanny. She’s young, but well-qualified, with a simple life, a crazy name obsession, and a boyfriend she met at the grocery store.

Over time, he discovers she knows things about him—things that happened before she was born—like a hidden scar on his head, his favorite pizza, and how he cheated on a high school Spanish test.

She speaks familiar words and shares haunting memories that take him back to over two decades earlier when he lost his best friend in a tragic accident.

“I’m afraid of what’s going to happen when you realize I’m not her.”

Transcend is a sexy, mind-bending journey that uncovers possibilities, challenges beliefs, and begets the age-old question: is there life after death?


“A single touch can say things twenty-six letters can’t even begin to say.”

Some books stay with you long after you read them. Transcend was one of them.

This book has had me so strongly in its grasp from the very first line. And I was drawn right from the beginning. Some books take a long time for you to slowly drown in it. To engage you from the very first line? That in itself is a gift for an author.

The plot was just as the blurb describes but yet so much more. I don’t want to spoil it for you. Just if you believe in fate, you’re gonna love this book.

However, it’s quite clear that this book plays with the theme of reincarnation. And that was the only thing that had me dubious about starting the book. Reincarnation is not my thing, really. But the blurb had me fascinated and so I went in any way. Suffice it to say, I wasn’t disappointed.

I was afraid about how the book would play out the reincarnation plot but the author handled it in such a believable way. And she wrote the characters so beautifully.

I’m in love with the female protagonist. Swayze was strong, fierce and vulnerable all at the same time.

The two male characters had me so conflicted. Like, they both seemed perfect to me. Griff might just take the award for the best book boyfriend. He seemed so perfect at times that it felt unrealistic. Because let’s face it – not guy can be this perfect. Nate, on the other hand, had my heart aching for him. I felt like splitting Swayze up so that both guys would get their happy endings. Yeah, I’m crazy like that.

“The people in our lives give color to our existence. When we love, we choose to let part of our heart—part of our soul—live inside of another person. Their happiness is our happiness. Their grief is our grief. And when they die … part of us dies too.”

I need to be able to relate with the characters for me to like a book and sure enough, I loved Swayze. Something in me resonated with her. It also helps that Nate and Griff are so polar-opposites and yet equally swoon worthy. I wanted to give them hugs.

This is a read I won’t easily get over. I have high expectations from Epoch now!
Jewel E. Ann, don’t let me down!

My Ratings: ★★★★★


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